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Netball Registrations - 2018


LVFNL - Season 2018 Draw


LVFNL Board of Management 

Congratulations to David Collins, Susan Jennings and Rick Swan on being appointed to the Loddon Valley FNL Board of Managment at the LVFNL AGM held on Monday 27th November 2017.

David, Susan and Rick will join fellow Directors Graham Watson, Joy Lawry, Simon Tuohey, Richard Hicks, Angela McGlashan & Deidre Bouwmeester.  Portfolios will be decided at the next LVFNL Board meeting.  Stayed tuned.



LVFNL - Grand Final Results

Grand Final - Saturday 2nd September @ Serpentine


LVFNL - Vote Count 2017 - Results



Winner - Ashley Bowen (Bridgewater) - 30 Votes

Runner - Alicia Hay (Mitiamo) - 26 Votes

Full Results



Winner - Jasmine Condliffe (Mitiamo) & Jessica Demeo (Calivil United) - 26 Votes

Runner - Breana Merrin (Bridgewater) - 25 Votes

Full Results


Under 18's

Winner - Nicholas Leach (Inglewood) - 23 Votes

Runner Up - Tyler James (MGYCWE) - 21 Votes

Full Results


C Reserve

Winner - Kaitlin Waterson (MGYCWE) - 28 Votes

Runner Up - Chloe Osborne (Mitiamo), April Anderson (Mitiamo), Abbey Conway (MGYCWE) - 16 Votes

Full Results


C Grade

Winner - Claire Harrison (Bridgewater) - 27 votes

Runner Up - Amber Gibson (BL Serpentine)

Full Results


B Grade - Joy Lawry Medal

Winner - Kym Childs (Bridgewater) - 26 Votes

Runner - Christie Griffiths (MGYCWE) - 19 Votes

Full Results


Reserves - John Forbes Medal

Winner - Jack Smith (Inglewood) - 17 votes

Runner Up - Brian Westley (Bridgewater) - 15 votes

Full Results


A Grade - Helen Ward Medal

Winner - Megan Jennings (Newbridge) & Stacey Rothacker (Bridgewater) - 22 Votes

Runner Up - Laura Hicks (Mitiamo) - 21 Votes

Full Results


Seniors - Frank Harding Medal

Winner - Ben Knight (Calivil United) - 25 Votes

Runner Up - Jordan Gilboy (Newbridge) - 23 Votes

Full Results


2017 Rising Star

Netball - Caitlyn Hocking - BL Serpentine

Football - Harry Gadsden - BL Serpentine


2017 El-Vee Award

Tyler Romeril - Newbridge


2017 LVFNL Champion Club



LVFNL - Finals 2017

Qualifying Final - Saturday 12th August  @ Mitiamo

Elimination Final - Sunday 13th August @ Calivil

2nd Semi Final - Saturday 19th August @ Newbridge

1st Semi Final - Sunday 20th August @ Bridgewater 

Preminary Final - Saturday 26th August @ Maiden Guly YCW

Grand Final - Saturday 2nd September @ Serpentine


JLT AFL National Risk Protection Programme

Click here for the current Personal Accident claim form.  Website link to the JLT website https://afl.jltsport.com.au/community.aspx


Bendigo Bank & AFL CV sign a new 3 year deal.  Click here for further information


Gala Day 2017 - HDFNL v LVFNL

Sunday 4th June 2017 @ Elmore - Results


LVFNL - Netball Ladders

LVFNL - Football Ladders




LVFNL Board of Management 2017

Chair                                     Graham Watson

Vice Chair                            Wade Roberts

Secretary                             Joy Lawry

Treasurer                            Graham Watson

Assistant Treasurer         Richard Hicks

Football Operations       Simon Tuohey

Netball Operations         Bree Bentley

Board Member                 Angela McGlashan

Board Member                 Wes Moon

Board Member                 Deidre Bouwmeester


Netball Registrations 2017

 Please click here to register and pay for your Senior or Junior Netball Vic Membership for 2017.   

Please click here to register and pay for your NetSetGo


LVFNL Draw - 2017

The 2017 fixture can be viewed by clicking here












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